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We are a citizens’ alliance dedicated to ensuring fair treatment by our energy suppliers through the adoption of the Consumers Bill of Rights by our legislative and regulatory leaders. We believe in full electric choice and are committed to ensuring that the rates we pay for our electricity are accurate and reflect the true costs of what our utilities spend to produce and deliver it to us. We think electric companies should return excess profits to consumers in the form of rebates, rather than keeping those dollars for themselves and their shareholders.

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Electric competition is delivering for households and businesses in Pennsylvania!

But more can be done! Please support Senate Bill 1121, The Electric Competition Benefits Act

So Far…

  • Over 2 million Pennsylvanians have successfully shopped for an electric supplier.
  • Currently, for an average usage residential customer, you can save as much as $20 a month.
  • Small businesses can save thousands of dollars each year – money they can use to create new local jobs and invest in their businesses.
  • Reliable service, strong consumer protections and the responsive customer service you expect continues.
  • Robust competitive markets provide choice of supplier, downward pressure on prices, better value for your energy dollar, as well as economic development and environmental benefits.
  • Innovative products empower customers to take control over their energy usage.
  • Competitive retail markets have supplied almost 700,000 MWh of cleaner electricity to customers in just the past two years.

How would you benefit from even more electric competition?

Senate Bill 1121, The Electric Competition Benefits Act

The Electric Competition Benefits Act expands choice for electric customers in Pennsylvania. When Harrisburg passes Senate Bill 1121, the benefits include:

  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue for the Commonwealth and its citizens
  • Millions of dollars in savings for participating electric customers
  • Expand consumer protections and creates a Consumer Bill of Rights
  • The same safe and reliable electric delivery service provided by your local utility will continue
  • Energy efficiency and green products like wind and solar

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