The Issue – Electric Choice

Starting in 2009, electric utility customers in parts of Pennsylvania have been allowed to choose which company provides the power they use. While their existing electric utility company continues to distribute their electricity and answers local service calls, customers are now free to select a different company to actually supply the power they use, often times at rates that are less than what they would otherwise have to pay. This competitive option, also known as electric choice, has worked so well in Pennsylvania, where eligible customers have exercised their right to switch electricity suppliers, that nearly a third of the electricity provided to homeowners is now coming from a competitive electricity supplier.

Who can choose?
To facilitate an orderly transition to electric choice, the option of choosing your own electric supplier is being phased in over several years depending upon where you live and who your current, or default, electric supplier is. Customers in the PPL, Duquesne Power and Light Penn Power and Pike County Light and Power service areas are already enjoying electric choice, with customers of Allegheny Power, Met Ed, Penelec and PECO becoming eligible for choice starting in January of 2011.

Support Full Electric Choice Now!
Full electric choice helps ensure that we consumers pay the lowest possible rates for the power we use. Allowing energy retailers to compete for our business means we get better rates and can choose the type of service we need, rather than being forced to pay whatever our existing electric company decides to charge us. This is even more important when the costs of providing that electricity to us is lower than expected, as has been the case for most of this year. Instead of passing those savings on to us in the form of lower rates, some companies are keeping those excess earnings as profits for their shareholders.

What Can I Do?

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