The Consumers Bill of Rights

We believe that our rights as energy consumers have long been ignored or forgotten by our energy providers and those who regulate them. While it is true that ‘electric choice’ is a good first step in empowering we ratepayers, there are many other issues affecting us that our regulatory and legislative representatives should be addressing.

To help those in positions of power and responsibility do so, we are proposing a Consumers Bill of Rights regarding our energy policies to help guide our leaders:

RATES – We have the right to lower rates that reflect lower generation and distribution costs.

TRANSPARENCY – We have the right to clear, timely and independent billings, which fully explain all of the costs.

CHOICE – We should be able to easily choose a power supplier from multiple choices.

FLEXIBILITY – We have the right to a variety of billing options and rate structures that reflect our individual usage patterns.

CONSERVATION – We have the right to seek and find ways to conserve and reduce energy consumption, and gain access to quality, affordable conservation services.

INNOVATION – We have the right to expect our suppliers and distribution companies to develop and offer new products and innovations that will help keep our costs down and improve the environment.

IMPROVEMENT – We have the right to expect distribution companies to invest in their infrastructures and facilities so as to improve services and reliability.

LEVEL PLAYING FIELD – We have the right to expect energy choice policies and regulations that do not favor one segment of industry over another, or one company over another.

CONSUMER PROTECTION – We have the right to expect government policies and programs that protect us from subsidizing other segments of ratepayers at our expense.

RELIABILITY – We have the right to expect government policies that encourage improved and expanded generation and distribution capacities and efficiencies.

We encourage you to join us in telling our utility leaders, regulators, and government officials that we WANT our Bill of Rights NOW! Sign our petition, write a letter or email, or make a call TODAY!